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We can underestimate the power of the mind all too often, but what cannot be underestimated is the power of CONNECTION. I never think of our relationship as coach/client, I always simply think of us as two people sharing what we know – coming from different perspectives, certainly – but sharing what we know about the world we are experiencing. And in that shared place a wonderful space emerges, and in that place magical things happen.

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A 6 month life changing programme of discovery

Personalised Coaching

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An online journaling programme

When you work with me you have to be prepared to go deep, because this is where the juice is! This is for women who want profound change, who are committed to trying something new and discovering a new way of being. I believe in real, sustainable change – the kind of change that brings you courage and confidence that ripples out into all areas of your life. This kind of change is achieved through on-going coaching. It’s not a quick fix. I make it clear that I do not work with everyone, because not everyone is ready for change. This is not just about wanting, it is about being willing. When you think about what you want, and then what you are willing to have, you may feel that a different type of feeling accompanies each of those words. I work with women who are willing. You have to be willing to make changes, willing to take a risk, willing to do the inner work. It’s not just about our time together, essentially it is the time in between where you will be implementing changes, new routines, new ways of thinking and taking time out to be by yourself, to work on yourself. If you are willing to step out and step up, then let’s talk.

“I work with women to show them the reality of how life REALLY works. A simple insight can be all that is needed to experience a deeper and richer connection to life.”

Sue has a great way of explaining “stuff”, our meetings are so enjoyable. Sue has helped me to realise we are not our thoughts and we are not our emotions, if we learn to experience the mind in this way, then we are free

KL, Ramsgate

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