Journaling has been a massive part of my life since becoming a coach. It is a fantastic tool to use for myself. I also share with clients within my coaching programmes as it helps shift that all illusive ‘Stuff’ that we can get so bogged down with.

I use journaling to focus myself, to guide me and to get past blocks I have. It’s useful when I can’t see the wood for the trees, when I want clarity and when I’m so up in my head I can’t even think straight.

There are all different types of journaling you can do – the word itself I like to think of as just a collective term for writing things down. It’s how you do it that counts.

If you want a reason to journal, in 2005 a scientific study into the emotional and physical health benefits of creative writing claimed that its participants experienced more positive levels of physical and mental health.

It is a deceptively simple thing to do, so much so that it can almost be dismissed as an effective part of self development.
I love this topic and am happy to talk about it till the cows come home! So, if you’re curious, get in touch.