I’ve started something I don’t want to finish, or even carry on with. The feeling is so strong, so definite – and yet I find myself constantly churning things over in my mind.

As we make progress in our lives there can can come a point when we know we are really ready to make THE MOVE. Whatever that time is, whatever it is we have been waiting for, we just have that automatic and certain knowing that we are READY.

When that feeling comes, it is there without question or doubt. It just IS. You are ready to move up, to move forward, the internal transformation has happened and you’re ready for the next step. Which all sounds breathlessly exciting!

Which of course, it can be.
And it can also be a time when you realise that to move forward, you have to stop doing certain things. Even the things that made sense only a few weeks ago – because when you are READY, all of the things that kept you where you were start to show up for what they really were: Roadblocks.

This is the bit that had me in a thought storm and I had to take some time out to reflect on what was really going on for me. Having been involved in self development work for a number of years now, I know that often what we think and feel on the surface is not what is really going on underneath all of that.

My angst has been showing up as feeling responsible for other people’s feelings and outcomes. Thinking I have to manage what other people think, which of course is impossible – but I have been caught up in responsibility and expectations, not wanting to upset anyone or anything. All this does is serve as distraction: My ego playing a game to keep me where i am.

Resistance comes in all sorts of disguises. I would never have described my feelings as ‘resistance’ when they show up as ‘responsibility’. Yet resistance is exactly what it is.

letting go of doing things that keep you treading water isn’t always easy; our heads can keep us in that space as it is familiar, and if we stay there we know what we are doing and we do it REALLY WELL.

Recognising resistance enables you to call yourself out on your own BS and notice what you are holding on to. Holding on just keeps you in the time and space that you actually want to move on from – not that it was bad there, it is just time to move up a level.

it is time to stop treading water and instead do the butterfly!

As a Master Teacher once said:

“To reach for something greater, you must first let go of what’s in your hand.”