The Woods At Rosemerryn …

The invitation to venture into the woods at Rosemerryn is one that you instinctively accept.

Even a short wander from the house you start to feel drawn to its whispers. There is something so essential, natural and untethered about the woods here that you just feel the pull to exhale deeply. Like your whole body and soul breathes out every last drop of stale air, all the energy that needs to be released.

What is left is a space.

A stillness.

A sense of solidity.

A solitude.

An arrow pointing inwards.

The woods have a raw unstructured quality to them that allows you to momentarily suspend yourself in that feeling of being lost. Everything makes sense there – it is all as it should be. All you have is your natural bearings and a sense of the directions.

And at the same time it has so much magic within it. Tiny microscopic mushrooms growing out of tree trunks. The stream that courses through its centre brings music to the space. The canopy above brings a safety and reassurance in the feeling of being lost. All magical qualities that combine to alert your senses to life. Life that is coursing through us. Life that is us.

As you stand in the midst of this space, you lose yourself and gain a sense of unity and oneness with the energy of the place. With the spirit and ancestors of this unique land.

You come home

You belong

You heal

You gain strength

You expand into so much more than you even knew existed.

We love taking our retreat participants here. We gently guide them inwards and into the heart of this place and themselves and then invite them to roam and explore what they are drawn to, to notice what they notice and see more clearly their own true nature.