Be Nourished – At Rosemerryn

There is something so comforting and indulgent about being cooked for. Not the go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant kind of cooked for. Something more earthy and deeply nourishing, that has been specifically created with you in mind, in the space that you are residing in, on retreat.

When we take the time to make room for ourselves, we open up to being taken care of and to receiving all that we need. On retreat we have intentionally made room for ourselves to be nurtured in all senses. We are not just nourishing our bodies, but something deeper more innate and essential to who we really are. Relaxing, reflecting and restoring ourselves – which can be hungry work!

Therefore having healthy, vibrant food packed with the energy of the land and carefully balanced to bring us all the nutrients we need is a central part of our retreats. We provide the highest quality, tasty vegan food that has love poured into it by our amazing chef Ian.

The focus of our feasts together is not just about the food, but also the companionship, the ritual of sitting down together to eat and receiving nourishment that has been carefully crafted and sourced. Ian is on hand to talk about where he sources the food, how he prepares it and infuses the experience with a sense of wonder at the variety and blend of flavours.

This food is art on a plate. The care and attention to the whole experience of receiving what is good for us, reinforces our journey into wholeness. The fragrant aromas from the kitchen fill the house so that when we return from our walk in the woods or our healing time together in the studio or some quiet time spent relaxing, we are welcomed home on a sensual level.

We keep things simple so that we can enjoy this time of contemplation and space and the food we serve is no different. Making it easy for us to digest not just what nourishes us physically but acknowledging that we always have everything we need in this moment, taking in all that Rosemerryn and Renewal has to offer.

Food for mind body and soul.