Autumn Renewal Retreat


Tuesday 8th October – Friday 11th October 2019

“There’s an intelligence that runs through life, deeply connecting us to all that is.”

 Join us for our Autumn Renewal retreat set in secluded ancient woods in Lamorna, Cornwall.

This immersive retreat has been created to provide space and time for women who want to experience their own innate deep connection to nature and their inner spark. We have deliberately chosen a location that is virtually off grid and is set in the most beautiful natural surroundings. It is within the atmosphere and environment of these ancient woodlands that we can bond and reconnect with what is inherent within us.

It is within these shadowed ancient woods that we can explore our own creativity and wisdom and feel our divine and invisible connection to the natural elements around us.

We are nature. Understanding that there is an ebb and flow annually, seasonally and in every moment creates a certainty that we can navigate the undulations of life and harness its natural rhythms to support us to live, love and create our most fulfilling lives.

It is this wisdom, the wisdom of nature and our innate capacity to live a connected, creative and rich experience of life, that this retreat will explore and experience.

“Love is what is left when we let go of everything we don’t need.”

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Testimonials from our 2018 retreat:

“I had no expectations when I signed up for this retreat. It was the woods that called to me. That and three days of not making any decisions- just being told what to do and when to do it.

It was such a delightful surprise therefore, to find a house that wrapped itself around me like a warm blanket, allowing me to relax deeply and fully, and that Sue and Clare had thought of everything to create a safe space for us to totally let go.

With a wonderful combination of meditation, energy work and conversation (and amazing Vegan food) I had a series of insights and experiences that meant I returned home and completely re-designed my business and I feel more aligned with and excited about the work I am creating now than I have done in a long time.

I arrived exhausted, burnt out, and un-inspired, and I left feeling lighter and more fully “me” than I have for several years. ”

“I’m still reflecting on last week which was truly wonderful. Despite my cold I feel refreshed and somehow lighter …….. Snippets keep coming back that make me smile such as our discussions”

“The message I keep returning to is simplicity and when I do what a lovely sensation it creates”

The images on this page were taken from our 2018 retreat.

What makes our Autumn Renewal retreats so special:

The woods at Rosemerryn

Be nourished at Rosemerryn




Sue and Clare had thought of everything to create a safe space for us to totally let go.


AC, Somerset

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