Distance Healing

When we work with energy it is not confined to time and space, and therefore, it does not diminish with distance. Through conscious intention we can send loving healing energy to wherever it needs to go. Distant Healing allows you to benefit the power of energetic healing if you are unable to have a one to one treatment directly with me due to your location or illness.

There is growing scientific evidence now that is proving the efficacy of energy healing and studies show how it positively affects brainwaves – when done in person or remotely.

I offer distance energy healing that is entirely personal to you: you do not share the healing space with anyone else. When I work with you I call in the help of an Ascended Master and also personally select the crystals that are being called to work with you in the healing space.

All sessions are prepaid and booked online. As part of your experience you will receive a picture of your unique crystal grid. I will also provide information on the Ascended Master that chose to work with you and the message that they bring.

I am currently offering this service 30 minutes for £30.

Click below to pay and complete the contact form with your preferred time options. I will send availability to you and confirm your appointment.

Distant Healing Booking

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A very big THANK YOU Sue Quigley for an amazing distance healing session last night. I had never had distance healing before and did not know what to expect but I knew when you started as I could literally feel the warmth and power of your healing. I felt so relaxed and content and let the lovely feelings do their “stuff” – I slept like log, soundly and peacefully and feel wonderful today – thank you so much sweet lady

DW, Hertfordshire

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I am passionate about bringing the benefits of natural and innate healing to the community and believe that this starts with having an experience of this. My circles give everyone an experience and place to practice in a safe environment. It all begins with intention and being open to possibilities.

I run my my Heartcore Healing in person practice in my local community. I also do some free Distant Healing events which are open to everyone. To find out more about my work and events please visit my Facebook Page.

A few months ago I watched the BBC programme “The Doctor who Gave Up Drugs”. This further reinforced my conviction to give ourselves a chance to go with natural healing methods.