Angelic Union

ANGELIC UNION is seven month programme to help you develop and deepen your connection to the Angelic Realm.

Starting on 11th April 2019, we meet in person one evening a month in Herne Bay (every second Thursday) to share experiences and guidance on working with Angels. We will focus on one particular Angel each month and meetings include a guided meditation, angelic healing, refreshments and a crystal to take home.

The exchange for this work is a one off payment of £140 payable in advance of the course. Groups are deliberately kept small and commitment to the whole programme is necessary.

Contact me direct to confirm your place on this programme.

The Magic of Seven …

Seven colours in the rainbow

Seven days in a week

Seven Chakras (wheels of energy) within the human body

Seven notes in a musical scale

Seven virtues ….. and seven deadly sins

Seven wonders of the world

Seven Heavens in the Universe

Seven rays in the rainbow in which seven Archangels lead all other angels that operate within each of the colour rays.

In the Angelic Union group we will be focusing on one of these seven Archangels to understand their role, what they represent and why and how we might choose to invoke their help and guidance.

The seven Archangels are:

Michael – Jophiel – Chamuel – Gabriel – Raphael – Uriel – Zadkiel


Join the programme by contacting me on 07794 391808 or emailing me at