Things that can get lost.

I don’t mean things that fall down the side of the sofa or those elusive car keys, I mean things that can actually GET LOST – do one, take a hike, get outta here!

One of the wonderful benefits of getting older is that you naturally seem to fall out of trying to please everyone and liking everything. You also start to tire of the things you used to put up with, but in reality just drove you mad. And you have no qualms in saying “I’m done with it”.

Isn’t it great when you get to just say NO… for no other reason than life is just too short for putting up with nonsense..?

Dawn French was interviewed on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour recently, she’s just turned 60 and this refreshingly honest (though typically Dawn’s deadpan style) take on life and what can get lost had me laughing out loud.

There’s no denying that with age comes a certain assurance, a kind of knowing about what matters, and what no longer fits. Trouble comes when we don’t allow ourselves to express these feelings; we can feel surprised at not wanting to be the people pleaser anymore and not know how to manage this change.

In my work I help women come into their own; to recognise a new, more authentic way of being and to live in a way that feels true for them – where they are no longer the people pleaser and they have time and space to discover what they want and what they are going to say ‘Get lost’ to.

What are you ready to say ‘Get lost’ to?