Change is an interesting thing, don’t you think?

I am having to make some changes to an area of my work and it’s fair to say, it’s brought up a lot of STUFF for me. Usually I am very good at change, I like to do things differently and shake things up every now and again, but this change does not feel good. It feels uncomfortable.

I have sat with the feelings of discomfort to see where exactly they are coming from. I know it is because I am feeling not in control, that things seem to have happened beyond my control.
On the surface it felt like I didn’t want to make changes and that was the problem – but on deeper self enquiry i discovered it was more than that. It was because the changes would bring attention to me. That I felt vulnerable.

I feel that way because I am projecting into the future and predicting how things might turn out; how people might react, how I might be perceived. None of those things are based on FACT! None of those things are real or based in the here and now.

So for now I am concentrating on NOW. What can I do NOW to positively impact the situation? What can I do NOW in this moment to be responsible (in control) for what happens next?

Change happens for a reason. Even as uncomfortable as I may be finding this right now, I know there is something I will learn, something I can grow from.
There’s a phrase one of my old mentors uses: There’s information in the feeling.
That’s so true.
I have also learnt that discomfort holds all the clues!

Discomfort is actually excited in a weird way…..because it means I am pushing forward, out of the comfort zone – and THAT can’t be a bad thing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.