When we start to open up to who we really are, it causes us to look more deeply at ourselves – warts and all. Which means, appearance and all.

Now I know full well what it feels like to be self conscious. I have felt the full pelt of opinion on my looks and sadly, most negative comments came from women – much of it loosely disguised as being in my ‘best interests’.

One of the benefits of getting older and undertaking a lot of personal development work really does mean that I can honestly say I really rather like myself now.

I think there’s a wealth of difference between looking good for your age because you’re happy, healthy and content with who you are (nature’s ingredients for a naturally youthful appearance) and then trying to erase your years with dodgy anti-aging techniques and treatments because you feel you shouldn’t look your actual age.

Taking pride in your appearance is one thing, trying to be something you’re not is quite another. Now, I’m not going to stop dying my hair anytime soon (Yes, I know – you’re shocked I’m not a natural blonde….) because I like having my hair that colour and it’s MY choice. And choice is what it’s all about.

Now, you might wonder if it’s choice then we shouldn’t comment if women choose to want to look many years younger than they are ……… but I would question whether that’s a choice made from the heart or from a place of ought to, should do and with a little dose of insecurity.

I’m open to the debate, but what I do like is the freedom, beauty and celebration associated with a woman’s natural cycle of getting older.