Awaken The Spark Within

A place for soulful women to discover what it is to step into their feminine energy, working from a place that allows their true nature and divine being to rise.

You were born to live your truth. You were born to experience your desires and live a life of ease and wellbeing that completes you and nourishes your soul …


There is a shift occurring in the world today as women are recognising the disquiet that can occur when they disregard the whispering of their soul. They recognise the divine feminine within themselves that is quietly but insistently pushing them to engage and fall into a way of being that aligns their heart, mind and soul.

This way of being can jar with the current status quo and the cultural masculine order of things. Today’s society prompts us to work in a systematic, strategical, analytical and action orientated way. Success is defined by what is achieved, by how much money is made and by the amount of power that is held.

This power system is not necessarily wrong, but it is unbalanced. It is dominant within the western world and many women are caught up in this way.

The challenge for some women is when the yearning for creative expression and a need to connect on a deeper level becomes stifled within this system. This can leave women feeling invisible, unrecognised and under expressed.

Recognising this imbalance is the first step. The only barriers we face are inside us – inside is where you access everything you will ever need.

There is a clear way that women can harness feminine power to create a new order of things.

Break through the self imposed limitations and connect to a deeper truth. Take responsibility for showing up in ways that reflect the truth of who you are.