Spiritual Life Coach ~ Energy Healer

Helping women find their true identity, one that feels real for them and allows them to live life fully and expressively.

  • Have you reached a stage in your life when you feel that something needs to change?
  • Are you at the pinnacle of your career and are wondering, what now?
  • Are you where you thought you wanted to be in life but now realise it is not what you actually wanted?
  • Do you know who you are anymore or even who you want to be?


As women we can live a predetermined life of labels and roles: mother, wife, daughter, sister, boss etc.

We take on the role of the care giver, the diplomat, the cook, the listener. I’m not saying these are bad figures to be – but how much of our time is taken up being all these things?

Did you have a say in how you showed up in any of those roles, or was it pretty much decided that you would be the ‘good’ friend, the ‘supportive’ wife or the ‘put yourself last’ mother?

Who is underneath all of that?

Did you grow up being told that you would get married by a certain age, have children after so many years?

Perhaps you grew up with an expectation you would go to university or work in a certain career – so you did what was expected of you?
Did you feel you had to be a certain way to fulfil these expectations?

Did you feel you always had to be or do something for your own validation and to be ‘good enough’?

Have you ever stopped to consider “Is this what I really wanted?”

Who would you be if you had absolute free will?

Perhaps these questions have resonated with you or triggered some emotion. Maybe you just have a sense of curiosity about exploring what this could mean for you. If you would like to know more about working with me, then let’s schedule a call together. You can contact me via the contact page, email me at info@suequigley.com or give me a call on 07794 391808